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Have your employees preventively tested on behalf of your company: order your vouchers from us and send your colleagues along! Vouchers can be redeemed at all our test locations. All your employees know immediately whether they can safely go to the office or to the customer. Our test is validated by the RIVM. We use the rapid test that has been approved as “most reliable” by the Dutch government. A second opinion at the GGD is not required.

How it works.

• You agree with us on the desired number of vouchers. We will send you an invoice for this. • After receipt of payment you will receive the voucher codes by e-mail. • You provide a voucher code to the employee you want to have tested. • The employee makes an appointment online at a COVID Rapid Test Point in the area via this link and pay with the voucher code. • The employee is tested and receives the test result by e-mail after only 15 minutes.

Attention! Due to privacy legislation, we are not allowed to provide you with information about the results of the test we have with your
employee. We therefore recommend that you make your own arrangements about sharing the result before
submitting a voucher to your employees.


• One test costs € 99,- including VAT. • There is no minimum or maximum for purchasing voucher codes. • The codes can be used at all our COVID Rapid Test Points (COVID Sneltestpunt locations).

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all our services, which you can find here on our website. In addition, apply
for this service the following additional conditions:
– The voucher codes are only issued after reception of payment
– The voucher codes are valid as long as the COVID Quick Test Points are open.
– Refund of voucher codes is only possible if at the time of closing of all COVID Quick Test Points there are still
unused vouchers available to your organization.
In all other cases, such as closure of a specific location, not being able to test at the desired day or time, or a company voluntary
wishes not to redeem their vouchers, no refunds will be made.


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