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Covid Rapid Test Point.



As entrepreneurs in The Hague, we heard more and more from fellow entrepreneurs that the local companies, in addition to a lower turnover, also had to deal with staff dropouts. Due to pressure at the GGD, people sometimes had to wait 5 days for a test and they were sent all over the country to look for a test location. In addition to a major practical problem, this is also an extra financial burden, because staff at home must continue to be paid. Winter is still long and the flu season hasn’t even started yet.

Part of the solution

We decided that we no longer wanted to stand by and watch this growing problem. Determined to become part of the solution, we set up a partnership with the GP laboratory and a short time later COVID rapid test point was born.


Our goal is to support employers from The Hague. By being able to test quickly, we want to keep the working population in The Hague working as much as possible, so that our local economy does not suffer even more severe blows than is already the case. If it is a success, we want to make this initiative available in other cities as well.


This initiative would never have been possible without the commitment of a number of crucial partners. We are very grateful for their belief in this project and that they wanted to join us in the solution.

Medical expertise, training & certification: General Practitioner Laboratory SALT

Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel The Hague Promenade

Technology: TPM Group

Online Marketing: Modern Media Hub

“You go faster alone, but together you get further”.


Marja Hillebrand & Michaël Naulais


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